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Joss Ticehurst

Criminal Barrister
  • Year of Call
  • 2006

Criminal Law


Joss Ticehurst is instructed to defend and prosecute in cases involving the most serious criminal offences in the Crown Court, particularly those relating to allegations of rape, attempted murder, multi-defendant cases involving drugs and murder, and multi-defendant cases of fraud and drug conspiracies.

Joss is a Category 4 Prosecutor and is on the Rape and Serious Sexual Abuse Panel for the CPS.  He has significant experience in Prosecuting and Defending in cases demanding sensitivity due to the age of the Defendant or Complainant, or the surrounding media interest in the case.

Serious Sexual Offences


Joss Ticehurst has significant experience in Defending and Prosecuting cases involving allegations of Sexual Offences.  Joss has particular experience in cases involving young and vulnerable complainants.

Murder, Manslaughter and Non-fatal Violence


Joss has been led in many cases of murder for both the Prosecution and Defence.  He is instructed to prosecute and defendant in cases of Attempted Murder and those involving allegations of inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm.

Driving Deaths and Motor Manslaughter


Joss is instructed to represent those accused of causing death by Careless or Dangerous Driving and also to represent the Prosecution in such cases.

Fraud, Commercial Crime, Confiscation and other Dishonesty Offences


Joss is instructed in complex cases involving offences of Fraud and offences committed against HMRC.  He is instructed by both the Complex Crime Unit and the Specialist Fraud Division of the CPS.  Joss’ work includes disputed Confiscation hearings.

Corporate Manslaughter, Health and Safety and Regulatory Offences


Joss Ticehurst is involved in Prosecuting cases for the Local Authority and Responding in Appeals heard in the Crown Court.

Drugs offences


Joss Ticehurst is regularly involved in cases involving the supply of drugs and conspiracies involving drugs.

General Violence against the person


Joss Ticehurst has extensive experience in cases of the most serious violence and public disorder.

Parole Board, Prison Adjudications, Inquests and Enquiries and Police Disciplinary


Joss Ticehurst has represented those involved in Parole Board hearings and at Police Disciplinary hearings.

Biographical and Other Information

  • Ticehurst
  • Joss Ticehurst originally trained and qualified as a Solicitor with Osborne Clarke Solicitors. Joss qualified into the Pension and Shares department.
  • Member
  • Member of Criminal Bar Association. In addition to his work in the UK, Joss has co-ordinated research into the state of pre-trial detention in Rwanda and has produced reports and presentations to NGOs in Rwanda and to the Government of Rwanda.
  • Philosophy
  • BA in Philosophy at University College, London.
  • Graduate
  • Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course at University of the West of England.

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